This site allows you to build various wheel/spoke combinations, and computes length calculations - while showing you a graphical representation of what you're building, and allowing a spinning animation.

Currently Available

Basic Build - Asks for the minimum amount of information to give proper spoke lengths, while assuming some common standards (12mm Spoke Nipples, non aero rims). More advanced input is available after expanding the input panels.
Advanced Build - Allows full control of many other variables, some which just alter the wheel display and are uneffectual on spoke lengths. They may be collapse to more simplified input after collapsing the input panels.
How to Measure - For help in collecting measurements from hubs and rims, and visualizing the values.
Blog - WheelSpoking's Blog, where I'll post news and update information.
Forum - Go to the forums for: FAQs, help, questions, reporting a bug, requesting a feature, or to have discussions with other members.
Chain Length (Under Construction) - This will compute the chainstay distance given chain length and number of gear teeth, or vice versa.
About This Project - For futher information regarding this project and the author.
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